Careful Body Care answers the following about our natural skin care products:

1. What are the benefits of Natural and Organic skin care products? 
Natural and Organic skin care products are in general safer for the skin. We want the nourishment we put in our bodies to reflect the same care and concerns as the nourishment we provide and apply on our bodies. All products that have organic ingredients have an asterisk symbol beside it.  

2. What is the shelf life of your products?
All of our products have different shelf lives. They range from 6-24 months. We have a suggested use time listed in all product descriptions. 

3. Are your products paraben free?
Yes they are. 

4. Are your products safe for pregnant & or breastfeeding women?
As a general rule of thumb, we ask our clients to consult with their medical doctor prior to using some of our products as some have added essentials oils to them. 

5. Do you sell sample sizes of your products?
Not at the moment, but this will be available in the near future.  

6. How do I become a consultant?
Please contact us by email and we will provide all the information you need. We will answer all emails within a 24-hr time frame. 

7. Do you ship worldwide?
We ship throughout Canada, The USA, Australia, China, India and parts of Europe so far. We are always expanding our Shipping areas, so please check back frequently to see if your country has been added.

8. Do you have FREE shipping?
Yes we do have a Free shipping option, but ONLY for pickup orders within the GTA (Great Toronto Area). If your address is outside of the GTA and you need your order shipped, but you chose the Free shipping option, our regular shipping rate will be added to your order so that we can send it to you. 

9. What methods of payment do you offer?
We accept: Visa and MasterCard, Pay-pal & E-transfer (Bank Transfer).

10. Do you use any preservatives in your products? If so, how safe are they?
We don't use preservatives in our products. As none of them contain any water in the ingredients, there is no need to use harsh chemicals or preservatives. We do use natural ingredients that helps to extend the shelf life of the product (grape seed oil and Vitamin E), but they are not preservatives. 

11. Do any of your products contain artificial colours or synthetic fragrances?
None at all.

12. How should I store my products to insure the longest shelf life?  
Please keep all products in a dry, cool, place out of direct sunlight. 

13. Do any of your products contain water as an ingredient in them?
None at all. The only products that had water in the production stages are our soaps. However, after all the oils and liquid have gone through the saponification process, and the soap has gone through it's curing stage, there is not water left in the product. 

14. Is your packaging environmentally friendly?
Yes it is. We are an environmentally conscious company, and strive to be as eco-friendly as possible.  

15. Can I recycle my glass product jars or bottles? If so, how?
We encourage all clients to send us your glass jars/ bottles in order to reuse them. We will apply a credit on any future orders when you return the glass jars/ bottles, granted they have to be in good condition (no cracks or chips in the glass). We will have the glass go through a cleaning/sterilizing process for future use. Alternately you may also recycle the glass jars/ bottles according to your city or towns regulations. 

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