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Careful Body Care

Coffee Scrub 8 fl.oz

Coffee Scrub 8 fl.oz

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For fresher younger looking skin, the caffeine in our coffee scrub can help improve the look of your cellulite temporarily and it will look less noticeable. Coffee is high in antioxidants and has been shown to help smooth the skin. Antioxidants can also help neutralize the effects of free radicals, which can be damaging to the inner layer of the skin Cayenne pepper increases blood flow to the surface of the skin, reducing the look, puckering and dimpled effect associated with cellulite.  

Suitable skin types

  • Most skin types
  • Sensitive skin- take extra care


**Fine grind Coffee, *Calendula officinalis-Rosa Damascena (Calendula-Rose oil infused in Cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil), Cayenne. 

Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Fragrance-Free, Non-GMO
**Fair Trade


The Ritual

Apply in the bath or shower to clean skin, generally thighs, and hips. Gently massage in a circular motion, for 1-2 minutes, and then rinse with warm water. Follow up with body butter of your choice on damp skin for maximum moisture. Please use caution in and around the shower due to slipperiness from the oil. Use a spoon to mix as well as to avoid getting water in the jar as water will diminish the quality of the coffee scrub and the scrub will go off faster.


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