Top 5 Oils | Dry, Oily & Sensitive Skin

Top 5 Oils | Dry, Oily & Sensitive Skin

5 Top Oils for Dry, Oily & Sensitive Skin

  1. Argan Oil |Oily & Sensitive:

Loaded with vitamin E, fatty acids, and proteins. This is a multifaceted oil.

Uses: Face for moisturizing. Hair for strengthening. Lastly, for helping with brittle nails and cuticles.

Suggestion: Use Moroccan Argan Oil + on a damp face after washing in the morning. Just a few drops are needed on damp skin and the Argan Oil will soak right in. Reapply as needed on damp skin.

Bonus: Run fingers through damp hair for an added shine and smoothness. *Apply daily

  1. Olive Oil | Dry, Oily & Sensitive

With antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, this can help with itchy, dry skin. Olive Oil is also soothing to sensitive skin and can balance out oily skin.

Uses: Face for oil cleansing- to balance out oil production. Hair in a hair mask with avocado- to add luster and shine.

Suggestion: Use our Premium Whipped Body Butter after a shower on damp skin. Most of our products have Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with Calendula and Rose as the base. *Apply daily


  1. Rosehip Oil | Dry & Sensitive

Powerful anti-aging oil. Full of antioxidants like vitamin C, E and A (A.C.E. power house). Rosehip oil helps skin from getting damaged that can cause fine lines and wrinkles. Rosehip oil increases cell turnover which leads to a smoother complexion.

Uses: For the face added in products such as soaps and serums.

Suggestion: Use our Activated Charcoal + soap before bed to cleanse the skin. The apply Timeless beauty serum on damp skin. *Both can be used daily.


  1. Lavender Oil | All skin types

Known for its relaxing scent and relieving itchiness and tight skin. Lavender oil helps to calm the skin of irritants like acne and other mild inflammatory skin issues.

Uses: Face for calming down problematic skin.

Suggestion: Use our Camellia Everlast serum (Coming Soon!) has Lavender essential oil in it to complement the scent and effectively calm the skin. *Apply daily


  1. Geranium Oil | All skin types

With anti-fungal and disinfectant properties, geranium oil helps with acne and controlling oil production and helps to minimize pores. Helps with skin sagging and preventing premature wrinkles. It is a powerful cicatrisant, so that helps with fading spots and minor scars.

Geranium Rose

Uses: Face for improving skin appearance and evening out the complexion.

Suggestion: Use our Moroccan Argan Oil+ the has Geranium essential oil in it. Apply to a clean damp face. Just a few drops are needed.  *Apply daily

What are your favourite facial oils and why? Share and comment below!

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